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How to Handle Timeshare Presentations & Sales people

January 10, 2014 by cheap furosemide  
Filed under buy cheap furosemide

Have you ever attended a timeshare presentation? I wish you would never attend one. It is traumatic experience sitting through a timeshare presentation. Compare it to buying a used car from a dealer; this is even more frustrating experience as more money is at stake here. What is a timeshare presentation? It is nothing but a sales pitch by the timeshare companies to force people into buying their timeshares. It begins with an invitation offering you an expensive free gift in return of attending the presentation. Now you go to the presentation thinking that there is no harm in attending and you get a free gift also in return, but you realize that you have made the biggest mistake of life only when you sit through the painful presentation.

The expensive gift turns out to be a gimmick and you are subjected to sheer pressure tactics of selling. The presentation usually last for ninety minutes and may go on and on in some cases. After the presentation, the salesperson will encircle you and will ask you if you have any questions. They go to the extent of literally pressurizing you. They want you to either make a commitment or sign a paper before leaving the presentation. When you say constant no to him, the manager will approach and offer you a good deal. Sometimes it becomes very hard to resist the temptation after being offered such great deals. But you have to go mentally prepared to say no to them at any cost. Tell them clearly that you have already spent your precious time and can’t spare your time further. Say that you have an appointment with somebody and you have to leave immediately. And do not forget to take your gift before leaving the presentation after all that was the reason why you attended the presentation.

The salesperson and the managers would do their best to convince you to sign some papers by offering many offers, but you should stick to your resolution to not to fall into the trap by constantly saying into your mind that “no, I can’t afford to buy a timeshare” and “will I be able to make payments every month”. Politely say “no” to any offers however attractive it may look. Also say them that you need time to decide, take their contact number or fax number and tell that you will notify them about your decision. Also tell them that you would not tolerate any courtesy calls or emails.

You can also tell them that you already have a friends or family members in that timeshare location and you don’t need to buy a timeshare. Also another reason you can give them to escape is that you just came to the presentation for the free gift or you can also say that you just wanted to educate yourself about timeshares and it is too early to make a decision about buying a timeshare. You can also say that you are not one of the frequent vacationers and would be able to vacation year after year and even if you go for a vacation you don’t like to go to the same location every year. Also say that you are not in the financial position to invest in anything now or in near future. Thus we have seen it all depends on our mental setup to sit through a presentation and still survive it.


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